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An innovative start up with a prod-tech platform 

ESFITA – an innovative six year old start up with a prod-tech platform and deep rooting the FinTech space, deals with various data types to help or customers automate data and simplify on a real time basis.

Software product solutions/ solutions for NBFCs, Banks, Airlines, Logistics and Catering


Identity Verification

PAN Card, Voters ID, Driving License and Adhar. All through API

Merchant Verification

Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) 

Financial Verification

Bank Account and ITR Analyzer


No more ink. Aadhar eSign solves the problem of the regular signing of contracts and agreements between enterprises and individuals that are tedious and time consuming.

Advanced AI-Driven Analytics and Informed Decision Engine 


AAAIDE is a leading edge AI based human-centered credit analysing decision engine that helps banks and small and large scale financial institutions make better and informed decisions. It extracts and analyses huge chunks of data in minutes using leading edge AI and ML technologies, saving hours of manual labor.

CCEATL is a cutting-edge Cognitive Computing decision engine that checks, verifies, and scrutinises the loan applicant's bank statements and other credentials and informs NBFCs and Banks clearly whether the applicant is eligible for a loan, thereby lowering risk.


Cognitive Computing Engine for Authenticating Two wheeler Loans

A cutting-edge Cognitive Computing Decision Engine that lowers risk


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